Professional. Patient. Good service. I love Clariti!!

Lee Seow Ping (Business Owner)

A very happy Clariti customer Fitted on:

“I discovered I had a hearing problem more than 15 years ago. I thought I could live with it. My husband could have spoken a bit louder. I could turn up the volume of my TV at home. I could avoid noisy places where I had the greatest problem conversing with my friends.

I was wrong.

Communications became a chore with everyone including my husband at home. Hearing loss is my problem but I had expected everyone to work harder to accommodate me. It did not work. I needed to help myself. And turning up the volume on everything was not the solution. I needed clarity, not volume.

I finally visited Ronald. I was glad I did it.

Ronald performed a comprehensive hearing test, explained my hearing situation to me and helped me understand how I could improve my overall quality of life by improving my hearing. He prescribed me a pair of quality hearing aids.

Over the years, I have of course consulted many other dispensers from different companies. Ronald has impressed me with his service attitude, knowledge and patience. Not everyone can program my hearing aids properly, maximizing its benefits and features, to match my hearing needs and lifestyle. It is not just about the hearing aids I bought, the dispenser’s professionalism is a lot more important.

I am able to enjoy a higher quality of life today. My husband and family are equally thankful.”

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