Hearing clearly for the first time!

Tan Lian Teck Andy

A very happy Clariti customer fitted on:

I have worn hearing aids from another company for 9 years. They were not clear and it didn’t really help me. I was frustrated and decided to visit Clariti after I was referred by their existing customer.

When I entered the clinic, I was impressed when I saw more than a hundred happy customers’ photos on their screen. I wanted to be one of them. I want to have my hearing improved.

I was given a complete hearing test and the result was clearly explained to me. The consultant also relate how these results will affect my daily hearing frustrations. He was absolutely spot on. I could hear in a quiet setting but I could not hear well in a noisy restaurants. I also could not watch my favourite TV program with ease.

Clariti prescribed me a pair Resound One hearing aids with 3 microphones. They were fully automatic and it chooses which microphone to help in different environments. It also has Bluetooth capability to help me stream media so that I watch videos clearly on my mobile phone. I was finally hearing so clear for the first time.

I have been using the aids for more than 7 months now. I decided to add my testimony to the hundreds they have accumulated. I want to share my story to encourage those with hearing difficulties to come forward to seek help. Visit Clariti for the most professional hearing care. I know because I am a very happy Clariti customer.

Thank you Clariti!

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