Hearing aids and food

Hearing aids and food

Hearing aids and food

You are what you eat and that sounds even better with good hearing. Whether it’s fine dining or a tasty takeaway your enjoyment of the food you eat depends a lot on your hearing. Multi-sensory dining has been popularised by celebrity chefs like Heston Blumenthal, and for good reason. Using all your senses when you sit down for a meal has been scientifically proven to improve your eating experiences and enjoyment of food. So if you, or your loved ones, are suffering from hearing loss and want to continue to enjoy what you eat, it’s a good idea to get your hearing checked by a good, professional hearing consultant, like Clariti.

Sounds tasty

Your hearing affects the way you enjoy what and how you eat. Remember those crunchy fresh vegetables you ate? Didn’t they sound good! If you, or your loved ones, are losing your hearing then eating crunchy food may feel less enjoyable. Crunchy foods, like celery or carrots, can seem very loud to someone with conductive hearing loss and this may mean you have to stop chewing to hear what is being said at the dinner table. Conductive hearing loss, or any form of hearing loss, should be evaluated by a good, professional hearing consultant, like Clariti, who
can provide hearing care solutions that restore your hearing and quality of life.

Sweet sounds

Some years ago global food giant Unilever started studies into food and health focussing on their brand of Magnum ice creams. After trying to improve their products they received even more complaints than before, because it didn’t crackle when you bite. Without the coating and crumble the experience of eating the ice cream had changed. Feedback showed that people like to crunch when they are eating, especially noisy snacks. One reason is that the loud rattling travels to our inner ears via air and bone conduction and this helps us to identify what it is we are actually eating. Depending on the snack, the noise can reach more than 60 decibels, the level of a normal conversation. When we hear it, we eat more. When we don’t, as in the case of new Magnum bars, we resort to our other senses, looking at our food with doubt or sniffing it for freshness.

Hears the crunch

Whatever food you prefer, your hearing plays an important part in the satisfaction that you get from eating it. If you, or your loved ones, are suffering from hearing loss then you are likely to face issues like poor communication, stress and frustration. You also won’t enjoy your food so much. The best way to restore your hearing, your enjoyment of food and your quality of life, is to start wearing a suitable hearing aid. Our hearing care professionals at Clariti can offer you a free hearing test and, if you are suffering from hearing loss, we can suggest a suitable hearing aid, or hearing aids, from our range of premium hearing aid brands.
Please don’t hesitate to contact us at Clariti for a free hearing check. Wearing a suitable hearing aid will restore your hearing and make it easier to order the food you like and more enjoyable to it eat too.


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