I can enjoy watching TV program clearly now

Tan Tian Neo

A very happy Clariti customer Fitted on:

I have a hearing loss for a few years already. I have also visited the hospital for a check up and did a MRI. At home, I need to turn up the TV volume. I also talk very loudly because I cannot hear well in a noisy environment.

Clariti gave me a pair of hearing aids that is within my budget and very convenient to use. I don’t have to turn up my TV volume anymore and they are so clear. I also enjoy chatting with friends in a noisy environment now.

My husband is very supportive and happy with my improved quality of life.

I want to thank Clariti for your professionalism and excellent customer service. 

Testimonial Lists

  • 非常满意!
  • I hear clearly in noise now!
  • Cheaper and better than hospital!
  • Flew in from Indonesia. Worth the effort!
  • Clariti return the smile on my face
Mohan S/O Kannean

A very happy Clariti customer Fitted on:

I have a hearing loss since young. I have endured it all my life until I could not take it anymore recently. My family life is affected because it is difficult for my family to talk to me. At work, I lost confidence due to poor communications.

I went to the hospitals for check-ups but they kept saying I was ok. There was no advice for me to wear hearing aids.

I visited Clariti and it changed my life. I can now hear so clearly everywhere I go. My life is renewed. I got back my confidence at work. My family life has also improved.

The aids are also very affordable and within my budget. I should have bought a hearing aid long ago. I regret missing so much precious time.

 Thank you Clariti!”