Ronald Pang of Clariti – my guy for hearing aids

John Bentley (USA citizen), another very happy CLARITI customer

A very happy Clariti customer Fitted on:

“First, it should be noted that I reside outside of Singapore in a major Southeast Asian nation.

In February of 2012, after I had a hearing test at a highly reputed major hospital in Singapore, the consulting ENT physician recommend that I consider getting hearing aids. Soon thereafter, I consulted with one of my closest friends of many years, a professor at the National University of Singapore named Bob, who had worn hearing aids for a number of years.

Bob immediately recommended his own hearing consultant, Ronald Pang of Clariti—“my guy for hearing aids”, Bob noted. I recognized Ronald’s name instantly, having read one Clariti’s ads in the Straits Times the day before that contained a testimonial that I had read with great interest. I then corresponded with Clariti by email several times, and the company’s prompt and detailed replies repeatedly gave me a very strong positive impression. Soon thereafter, I set up an appointment for Clariti’s own hearing test and a consultation with Ronald.

I am a legal advisor to the government of the Southeast Asian country where I live. At work, I need to be alert and productive at all times. As a legal advisor, a major part of my job is listening to my clients and other legal professionals. Accordingly, having good hearing is very important to me. I frequently have trouble hearing other participants at meetings and often have to ask them to repeat what they had just said.

At Clariti, the hearing test results showed that I have high frequency losses on both ears. This inevitably affected my abilities to hear speech clearly, especially the consonants in the English language. There is enough volume for me to hear human voices. What I lack is clarity of hearing.

Ronald showed me a number of top brand hearing aids. After I had tried them, Ronald prescribed for me a pair of hearing aids with 20 channels to manage the sloping hearing loss. It also has auto ZoomControl and StereoZoom capabilities for me to hear speech in challenging environments. I was very surprised that the hearing aids were so quiet to begin with especially in comparison with those that I had tried at the hospital, which were noticeably noisier. So, I ordered the aids Ronald recommended, and then returned home.

This last week, I flew back to Singapore to take delivery of my new hearing aids. Ronald was very meticulous in fitting the aids and training me on how to use and maintain them. At my request, he added a special program to help me hear music and TV better (This has been one of my BIG problems; my wife is always complaining that I turn the TV volume up too loud . . . .). Now, I have been hearing very comfortably since the day I received the aids.

I thank my friend, Bob, for recommending Clariti to me. Clariti has displayed great professionalism and the knowledge and experience needed to do their job well. Their service is excellent too. What I bought from Clariti is a long term hearing care program, not merely a one-off purchase of hearing aids. I will be returning every 6 months to have my hearing needs reviewed. There is no additional cost involved.

Singapore is reputed for her excellent healthcare services. Clariti – Hearing Care Professionals ranks up there with the best. Thank you Clariti!”

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