Best hearing aids I have worn

Chung Fatt Yat

A very happy Clariti customer Fitted on:

“I have a hearing problem for a long time. I have seen the ENT at hospitals and have also bought hearing aids elsewhere. They did not help me much.

I visited Clariti – Hearing Care Professionals to attend their Hearing Awareness Talk and believed I have found the right place to help me improve my hearing.

I was fitted a pair of very intelligent hearing aids that were comfortable for my ears. They were able to cut down the background noises and help me converse in crowded places. And they are automatic.

The Bluetooth feature also connected my hearing aids to the television and my handphone. I don’t even bother to activate the Bluetooth feature in my car. My aids are already doing an excellent job.

I want to share my experience with more people because I know how important is good hearing.

I am another happy Clariti customer!”

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