Watched a movie with clarity finally

Thakar Mahendra Jayantilal

A very happy Clariti customer Fitted on:

 “I have a hearing problem for several years. At home, I need to ask my children to speak louder; With friends, I also need to ask them to repeat what they had said. I have the most difficulties at noisy environment.

I visited Clariti – Hearing Care Professionals to do a hearing test and they confirmed I have a sloping high frequency hearing loss. I can hear voices but they will not be clear because I cannot hear consonants well. 

I am truly satisfied with Clariti’s professionalism and customer service.

I can now hear clearly with my new hearing aids. I enjoy family conversations and I live a more colourful social life now. Recently, I finally get to enjoy watching a movie with much clarity!

I am glad I visited Clariti!”

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