I can hear clearly in a noisy environment

Ong Soon Hua

A very happy Clariti customer Fitted on:

I have a hearing loss for more than 10 years.  I have bought a pair of hearing aids from the hospital but they didn’t serve me well. They were noisy and not comfortable to wear. I continue to have difficulties communicating with my friends in a noisy environment. 

I read the testimonials from many happy Clariti customers in the newspapers. I decided to visit them for a consultation. I was pleasantly surprised with their professionalism. I was given a comprehensive hearing test and my results were explained clearly to me.

My new hearing aids are so comfortable to wear. Voices are so clear even in a noisy environment. I love my hearing aids so much better than those from the hospital. I now know it is more important to choose WHO we buy from and not WHERE we buy from. Experience and professionalism are very important factors to consider when buying hearing aids. 

My quality of life has improved.

I want to share my story to benefit potential hearing aid users in the market.

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