I do not speak loudly anymore

Tok Hock Eng Raymond

A very happy Clariti customer Fitted on:

I didn’t know when my hearing began deteriorating. My world was getting softer and softer and I had difficulty following what was going on during meetings and conversations. My wife also complained I was speaking louder.

When I began to hear ringing sounds in my head (tinnitus) continuously, I knew I needed to do something urgently. I saw an ENT in the hospital but they could not solve the tinnitus.

I visited Clariti and a pair of custom hearing aids was fitted for my poor hearing. Immediately, I regained the hearing I have missed for so many years. My self-confidence is renewed. And because I can hear myself better now, I began to speak at the normal volume.

I also like the customer service at Clariti. They were friendly and professional.

I am a very happy Clariti customer.

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