Clariti is my choice!

Mark Gu

A very happy Clariti customer fitted on:

I have worn hearing aids for many years. I have been to several professionals for hearing aid services. Our hearing aids will last many years and our hearing condition will change. It is very important to find a company that give good after-sales services to take care of our on-going hearing needs.
When I visited Clariti, I could immediately tell the difference in professionalism and service attitude between Clariti and all the other centres I had visited before. Instead of pushing me to buy a certain model, Clariti first discussed and understood my lifestyle needs and expectations to make sure I am fitted with the most suitable model. My budget was also respected and taken into consideration.
After I bought the aids, I return to Clariti for minor adjustments and it was productively handled. The experienced consultants at Clariti gave me a lot of confidence when they displayed a higher dispensing knowledge when they program the hearing aids. These are the same models that I had worn from the earlier companies but now handled nn more experienced hands.
I am a very happy Clariti customer.
Thank you Clariti!

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