I don’t read subtitles anymore

Goh Kim Chong

A very happy Clariti customer fitted on:

I have a hearing loss for many years. I have seen 4 doctors at the hospitals but they could not help to improve my hearing. I was advised to get a pair of hearing aids. Since 2015, I have been taken care by Clariti and I love their professionalism.

Recently, I upgraded my aids to a pair of fully rechargeable, Bluetooth aids from Resound. They have completely changed my quality of life. I wear my hearing aids everywhere I go!

These aids are connected to my iPhone giving me the flexibility to make changes to my hearing aid settings in different environments. They can suppress background noises and improve speech clarity. I can also make phone calls and watch my favourite Youtube programs clearly. My hearing aids are also my wireless headphones.

I can now watch TV without reading the subtitles anymore.

I am so happy to be a customer of Clariti. They have improved my quality of life. Thank you Clariti!”

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