We can hear so clearly now!

Kwok Siew Quan & Loh Theresa (Husband and wife)

A very happy Clariti customer Fitted on:

Mr Kwok: My wife and I have hearing losses for several years but we did not realise it until recently. When my family members speak to me, I always pretend I am following the conversation but the truth is I have great difficulties. The hearing test showed both of us have severe hearing losses on both ears.

Theresa : I love my aids so much. I can now hear so clearly.

Mr Kwok : I enjoy watching the TV program now without reading the subtitles. Watching TV is now my favourite pastime.

Theresa : Our rechargeable hearing aids are easy to maintain without batteries. They can automatically suppress any background noises when I am outdoor. They are very comfortable to wear. Thank you Clariti for the professional services.

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