Much better than my old hearing aid

Thong Ching Yap, Francis

A very happy Clariti customer Fitted on:

“I have a hearing problem for a long time. I was wearing a hearing aid from the hospital but I was not very satisfied with its performance.

I attended the Hearing Awareness Talk organised by Clariti – Hearing Care Professionals and learnt so much information about my hearing. I now know that there are so many hearing aid models and they need to be prescribed professionally to ensure quality hearing.

I have been wearing my new hearing aid for one month now. I wear them everyday for at least 15 hours with ease. The aids fit my ears comfortably and were easy for me to handle. It can also suppress background noises and allow me to hear with comfort in noisy places like hawker centres and coffeeshops.

My quality of life has definitely improved. Thank you Clariti!

I am happy to share my testimony so that many more will take the positive step to improve their hearing to live better.

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