The best hearing aid I ever had!

Wan Kwan Wah (Tourist from Mauritius)

A very happy Clariti customer Fitted on:

“I live in Mauritius. I have a severe hearing loss for many years.

Due to my hearing loss, I lived in a very quiet world. The television was too soft for me; people around me seemed to be mumbling; I could not hear anything and I felt very alone most of the time. My quality of life was at its lowest.

I tried changing the situation to live better. I diligently seek help. Unfortunately, the hearing experts in Mauritius, including ENTs, could not fit me a hearing aid that I could comfortably wear in my ears. I have been to so many of them (at least 5) but they all said I have a difficult ear canal that was beyond what they could do to help me.

I am on holiday in Singapore this period and I am hoping I can find an expert to help me. I visited a reputed audiologist but I was told the same negative news.

Just when I was giving up all hopes, I saw Clariti’s newspaper advertisement. Without raising my hopes too high, I went for a consultation and I was surprised to experience the utmost professionalism displayed by their hearing consultant, Ronald. He listened to me, understood my problems, checked my ears and explained the situation to me.

To begin with, he managed my expectations very well. He told me very firmly what could and could not be done. He said he would try and make the aids as small as possible, which was my desire, but he would not make this the priority. His priority was to ensure that aids are effective for my hearing. I trusted him and he went ahead to prescribe me a pair of aids to meet my needs.

On fitting day, I was surprised that my aids were so small, much smaller than I had expected. They felt very comfortable in my ears and gave me the clarity I needed for so many years.

What the experts could not do in Mauritius, Clariti in Singapore did it!

I can hear so much better now and it seems my world has come alive again. It’s a new life!

I knew when I leave Singapore I would bring home good memories. I did not expect to bring home good hearing too!

Thank you Clariti!”

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