At CLARITI, our hearing care professionals will establish a complete understanding of your hearing health history and assess the hearing concerns which you may have experienced in your daily communications. Your hearing will then be tested professionally using state-of-art audiometric equipment. A clear explanation of your hearing test results will be given to help you understand your current hearing health. The entire appointment is free of charge, and it commonly takes about 45minutes to answer all your queries.

The severity and type of your hearing loss will be discussed. If the cause of your hearing problem is medically treatable, an ENT (Ear, Nose, and Throat) doctor referral will be given. If your result suggests a permanent sensorineural (nerve) loss, we will then discuss how to improve your quality of life with the professional prescription of our latest hearing aids.

If a hearing loss is determined and you choose not to wear hearing aids, you are likely to put yourself in higher risks of facing some common negative experiences such as

  • Unclear speech
  • Misunderstanding with family and friends
  • Could not enjoy watching TV
  • Unclear phone conversations
  • Embarrassment at social gatherings
  • Talks too loud in the public
  • Lower productivity at work

Emotionally it can be depressing, frustrating and ultimately, you might develop withdrawal symptoms, such as avoiding social invites, lesser conversation with family. Research has also associated hearing loss to higher risk of getting tinnitus and/or dementia, which you could read more in our “News” page.

If you only have a unilateral (one-side) hearing loss, you will wear only one hearing aid.

If hearing loss is detected in both ears, it is necessary to fit hearing aids bilaterally for the following benefits:

  • Better understanding of speech
  • Better understanding in group and noisy situations
  • Better ability to tell the direction of sound
  • Better sound quality
  • Wider hearing range
  • Better sound identification
  • Keep both ears active resulting in potentially less hearing loss deterioration
  • Hearing is less tiring and listening more pleasant
  • Feeling of balanced hearing

At CLARITI, we carry several brands. We have hundreds of models of different sizes and varying technologies to suit different hearing needs and budget.

Our experience tells us that every customer is a unique individual. There is no one size to fit all, but you will receive professional prescription at our BEST PRICE GUARANTEED policy.

The price of a hearing aid is largely determined by its technology, not by its size. Generally, hearing aid prices in the market start range between SGD1,000 to SGD7,000 per unit. It is important that you discuss with our hearing care professionals for the most suitable hearing aid model. Please read the “Hearing Aids” page for more details.

Yes, we offer interest-free credit card instalment plans from UOB or OCBC.

At CLARITI, we do not focus on selling hearing aids; we focus on the number of lives we change (Refer to Testimonial page for our CLARITI’s happy customers). CLARITI is officially recognised as the centre in Singapore with the highest number of satisfied customers by our manufacturer partners. The whole CLARITI team takes pride in delivering services from our hearts. Our customers are our priorities and we sustain healthy relationship with timely response and service reliability.

Mr Ronald Pang, CLARITI’s leading hearing care consultant, has over 20 years of professional experience in hearing aid prescriptions since 1997. His unassuming efforts in making positive differences for the people with hearing problems, including VIPs and dignitaries have won many awards and recognition in the industry.

Knowledge and experience are important because good hearing aids alone is not enough to earn customer satisfaction. It also requires professionally-trained hearing care consultants to apply precise skills in hearing aid programming that will effectively transform hearing aid features into optimum user benefits.

We provide a complete hearing care program to take care of you and your hearing needs henceforth. Hearing loss profile may change and subsequently affects your daily interaction with family and friends or even at work. All CLARITI customers enjoy a dedicated after-sales services at no extra cost. These services include regular reminders of half-yearly reviews, and unlimited consultation requests as and when there is any concern with the prescribed hearing aids.

Yes. If you have a family member or significant other who is unable to make a trip to CLARITI’s office, home service can be arranged.

Yes, CLARITI has received very encouraging support and positive feedback from many happy customers world-wide, such as Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, China, India, Mauritius, New Zealand, Philippines, Sri Lanka and as far as Canada.

Hearing aids can be repaired. Most of our hearing aids carry a two to three years of product warranty. In the event of any breakdown, please make an appointment with CLARITI to have your hearing aid thoroughly checked. No repair fee will be incurred if the hearing aid is covered within the warranty period. Repair fees after the warranty period are also priced fairly to keep maintenance fees low.

Of course not. Hearing aids can last many years depending on how well we take care of them. We have customers using the same hearing aids for up to sixteen years. (Refer to Testimonial page).

When faulty, they can be repaired easily. Just bring them back to us. CLARITI is a one-stop centre for all your hearing needs.

We work with responsible manufacturers who will ensure sufficient components are kept in stock to meet your repair needs of at least another five years after the technology goes obsolete.


Several sessions in a month. Limited seats. Call and register now!

Attend this talk before you buy a hearing aid.

What is hearing loss and its symptoms? Why are your hearing aids not working for you? Why do you hear voices but is not clear? Hear some life testimonials. Get your hearing tested for free!

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