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Raising hearing care awareness at companies

As part of the health and safety programme by many local companies which operate in loud working environments, CLARITI – HEARING CARE PROFESSIONALS has been invited to deliver 4 sessions of Dangerous Decibels hearing awareness talks to about 140 staffs and technicians at Galmon Pte Ltd. Hearing screenings were conducted over two days. This is a great corporte initiative for raising hearing care awareness because most of these staffs work in workshops or construction sites and are exposed to loud noise levels exceeding 85db.

(Note: MOM regulates all companies with working environment exceeding 85dB to send their staff for annual hearing test.)

As at 2015, the findings from Ministry of Manpower show that noise-induced deafness remains as the top occupational disease in Singapore, which is preventable with the correct use of hearing protectors and understanding the risks of hearing loss caused by loud noise exposure and tinnitus (e.g. ringing or hissing in the ears) that can also be regarded as an early indicator of hearing loss.

Dangerous Decibels is an interactive educational 45-minute program to educate general public (especially primary school children and adults at risks due to noisy work environment) on how to identify the common sources of dangerous sound in everyday situations and to understand that these loud noises can damage our hearing permanently. Noticeably, the rates of hearing problems in the younger group are increasing with the various recreational activities (e.g. using personal music players, rock concerts) as well as a lack of understanding on hearing protection.

CLARITI – Hearing Care Professionals aims to improve knowledge in hearing conservation and develop safe-listening attitudes and behaviours to help reducing incidence and prevalence of Noise-Induced Hearing Loss (NIHL). For more information, please call 6733-1011. Alternatively, you may also book an appointment for a free hearing test and understand more about your hearing with our hearing care professionals.


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