Hearing Aids improved our quality of life. We enjoy family time so much more.

Hasnah and Sadiah (Sisters)

A very happy Clariti customer Fitted on:

“We are sisters. Both of us have been suffering from hearing losses for several years. Hasnah has bought a pair of hearing aids elsewhere but they were not effective. This reduced our confidence in hearing aids and caused a further delay in our plans to improve our hearing.

“I spoke to my boss and wanted to resign from work due to my poor hearing. He recommended me to visit Clariti for a hearing test.” Sadiah said. “Around the same time, we saw the testimonial of a Clariti’s customer in Berita Harian. Hence we made an appointment immediately.”

At Clariti, both of us were prescribed a pair of hearing aids on the same day. Our lives are never the same again.

We can hear so clearly now. Relationships and conversations at home have also improved. There is much joy. Sadiah has also found new confidence at work. We love our hearing aids.

We are so excited with our new life. We want to share this experience with as many people as possible.

Thank you Clariti!”

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