Comfortable and discreet to wear!

Karissa Al-Munir Karsan

A very happy Clariti customer Fitted on:

I am 24 years old and I have a hearing loss on my left ear. I also suffer from vertigo and I hear ringing in my ears. I could not hear clearly in a noisy environment. I have lost confidence when attending meetings at work. The ENT doctors have advised me to wear a hearing aid.

There are many hearing aid companies in the market. I am glad I found the trusted professionals at Clariti. I now understand that not all hearing aids are suitable for me. A lot of knowledge and experience is needed to pick the right hearing aid model to match my hearing needs, lifestyle, expectations and budget.

At Clariti – Hearing Care Professionals, I have been provided very comprehensive care including unlimited reviews to accommodate future need to tune my hearing aids. These reviews are free.

Initially I had a lot of reservations wearing a hearing aid at my age. Today I am glad my hearing aid has improved my life. I am able to tell directions and I am more confident at work definitely. Wearing hearing aid is so comfortable and discreet!

Thank you Clariti.

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