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Smart Hearing Excellence Award

Clariti – Hearing Care Professionals has been awarded the Resound Smart Hearing Excellence Award 2017 at the recent Resound Asia Pacific Conference held in Macau.

Hearing aid technology has advanced so rapidly to bring quality hearing to those who wears hearing aids today. Gone are the days where hearing aids are loud and noisy. When applying the right technology to match end users’ hearing needs and lifestyle patterns, hearing aids are able to improve the quality of lives of those who wear them.

Clariti is committed to offer the latest hearing aid technologies to all her customers. Smart hearing is the key to better hearing, not loud hearing. Resound hearing aids are bluetooth enabled and designed to work with iPhone to allow direct streaming of voice and media to the hearing aids. It also offer surround sound and is able to suppress background noises effectively to enhance speech in challenging environments.

Resound has recognised Clariti’s commitment and professionalism to stay abreast with the latest technology offerings to win this award.


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