I hear clearly in noise now!

Haji Dilip Sarabhai

A very happy Clariti customer Fitted on:

I have a hearing loss on both ears. I needed to turn up the TV volume at home. My family has been concerned and encouraged me repeatedly to consider getting a pair of hearing aids.

I visited Clariti and I am surely glad I did. Ronald conducted a hearing test professionally and he explained my hearing loss clearly to me. I was prescribed a pair of Resound hearing aids that supported my losses. He worked within my budget but still ensured the aids meet my lifestyle needs. I love my aids because it can also stream media and voice signals on my iPhone to give me great convenience. 

I am 87 and I am glad I can live a higher quality of life today. I enjoy family time and has no difficulties conversing in a noisy environment anymore.  Thank you Clariti!

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