The best hearing aid I ever had!

Pua Ching Kiong (Retired Businessman)

A very happy Clariti customer Fitted on:

 “I have a hearing loss for a long time but I did nothing about it. It eventually deteriorated so badly I had to get a pair of hearing aids. I bought an expensive pair of hearing aids from a reputed chain store but was extremely disappointed after that.

The aids were not convenient to wear. It was also very uncomfortable and its sound quality did not add much clarity to my hearing. I wore it for just a while and I left it aside.

Fortunately, I met Ronald from Clariti – Hearing Care Professionals. His professionalism, knowledge and patience helped me program the existing aids to meet my hearing needs. I may not be his customer but he did what he could to help.

It’s amazing how the same pair of hearing aids, being programed by 2 different individuals can produce so much difference in performance. Thank you Ronald!

After a few months, I finally bought another pair of hearing aids from Ronald. It suits my needs perfectly. They are small, easy to handle and give me the clarity I need to live well daily. They are also much cheaper than the earlier pair of aids I bought elsewhere. These are the best hearing aids I ever had! Thank you Clariti !

I now learnt that we should buy hearing aids from experienced professionals. I strongly recommend Clariti – Hearing Care Professionals.”


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