Good hearing in a humid climate

Good hearing in a humid climate

Living in the tropics is enjoyable for people who prefer sunnier climates but, wherever you are, your hearing aids can be affected by climate, and changes in climate. Hearing aids restore your hearing and your quality of life which means you can travel, play sports or watch TV at home in comfort and ease. Moisture affects your hearing and it also affects your hearing aids. If you live in the tropics, or plan to travel to areas of high humidity for work, or pleasure, then humidity can create issues with your hearing aid and your hearing.


Your hearing aid is susceptible to moisture whether you plan to avoid it or not. When humid air touches the cold metal parts of your hearing aids condensation forms creating tiny droplets of water. Humidity also causes you to sweat and these droplets can also end up inside your hearing aids. Moisture can clog your hearing aids’ ports and openings. It can also build up in tubing, which can affect the technology in your hearing aids. Over time moisture can corrode components and battery contact points or short-circuit the microphones and receivers inside your hearing aids.

Care for your hearing aid

Warning signs of humidity on your hearing aids include distorted sounds or crackling and static. Sound cutting out or fading in and out or working intermittently. Cleaning of your hearing aids regularly is one of the best things you can do to ensure your good hearing prevails. Making sure they’re clean and dry every night will protect them against moisture damage. An electronic dehumidifier, or dryer, can help you dry your hearing aids in a more efficient way.

Good hearing everywhere

A sudden downpour can leave you and your hearing aid soaking wet. Forgetfulness can lead you to wear your hearing aid while you are having a shower. If you like to keep fit and love water then swimming is another activity where water can pose risk to your hearing aid. Contact with water can sometimes be unavoidable, even if you think you are prepared. The best thing to do to protect your hearing aids is to ask a good, professional hearing consultant, like Clariti, for advice on protecting and maintaining your hearing aids wherever you are.

Hearing and swimming

At Clariti we offer you, and your loved ones, a selection of the latest premium hearing aids currently available worldwide. The Phonak P90 RL is just one of these premium hearing aids and it’s also the world’s first waterproof hearing aid. It’s also a rechargeable hearing aid which allows you to wear your hearing aids when you take a shower or want to go swimming then chill out by the pool or on the beach. It’s ideal for people with an active lifestyle and will ensure good hearing wherever you are.
Wherever you are you may still encounter moisture that can affect your hearing aid and your hearing. If you are due for a new hearing aid, or are simply considering upgrading your current hearing aid then Clariti offers a range of premium hearing aids and good, professional hearing care advice for good hearing whatever the weather.


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