Perfect experience at Clariti

Chua Sim Hong

A very happy Clariti customer Fitted on:

“I have a hearing problem for more than 30 years. With these losses, I could not engage conversations in noisy environment. I watched the television program with a strong need to read the subtitles. I could also sense my wife’s frustration when I did not hear her clearly.

To solve these problems, I bought a pair of hearing aids from another brand but the results were not satisfactory.

I read the many testimonies from happy Clariti customers’ in the newspaper and decided to attend the free hearing awareness talk organised by Clariti. I learnt so much information at the talk and I was very impressed with the professionalism displayed.

I bought a new pair of hearing aids prescribed by their consultant. I trusted his professional prescription. These new aids have the latest technology and they matched my hearing loss, lifestyle and cosmetic preference. It has also matched my budget too!

When I returned for a one month review, the consultant (Ronald) kept asking me for any negative experiences so that he can fine tune the hearing aid settings to improve my hearing aid performance. I could not give any. I realised I have become another happy Clariti customer.

I wish to share my personal experiences with Clariti and encourage those with hearing impairment to take the positive step to do a hearing test. Call Clariti (Tel 67331011) for a free hearing test appointment or to attend the talk. I am so glad I did that and I am living a higher quality of life today.

Our quality of life is priceless and we should hear well to live well every day. “

Testimonial Lists

  • Comfortable and discreet to wear!
  • I hear clearly in noise now!
  • Clariti is among the best in Singapore!
  • No more “I beg your pardon” during meetings!
  • I can hear sermons in church clearly
Mohan S/O Kannean

A very happy Clariti customer Fitted on:

I have a hearing loss since young. I have endured it all my life until I could not take it anymore recently. My family life is affected because it is difficult for my family to talk to me. At work, I lost confidence due to poor communications.

I went to the hospitals for check-ups but they kept saying I was ok. There was no advice for me to wear hearing aids.

I visited Clariti and it changed my life. I can now hear so clearly everywhere I go. My life is renewed. I got back my confidence at work. My family life has also improved.

The aids are also very affordable and within my budget. I should have bought a hearing aid long ago. I regret missing so much precious time.

 Thank you Clariti!”