I hear clearly everywhere i go!

Ang Ai Cheng Kyly

A very happy Clariti customer Fitted on:

I have a hearing loss on my left ear since young.  I have been ignoring the issue until I start to hear ringing in my ears a few months ago. I have not been able to hear properly in a meeting and caused my productivity to decrease.  I also cannot converse with my family effectively when travelling in our car. I decided to do something and visited Clariti – Hearing Care Professionals.

Ronald took time to discuss my problems and conducted the hearing test professionally. I was prescribed the latest Signia Pure 7 NX hearing aids with Own Voice Processing technology. I was impressed with his knowledge and ability to pick the correct hearing aid model to support my hearing loss and meet my lifestyle needs. My experience at Clariti exceeded my expectations.

My aid is fully automatic and although I can use my phone to fine tune the settings, I hardly do that. I leave the aid at Universal mode and I hear clearly everywhere I go. I wear the aid more than 13 hours a day comfortably in my first month.

When I went back for my one-month-review, Ronald fine tuned my aids further and I can now hear even better because my brain has acclimatised to the hearing aids.Thank you Clariti for your professional service. My quality of life has been improved. 

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