Regret buying my aids from the hospital. Clariti offers more convenient after sales services.

Ho Shao Meng (Unhappy Hospital Customer)

A very happy Clariti customer Fitted on:

“I have a hearing problem for more than 10 years. My wife has complained regularly that I turned on the television set too loud; I cannot hear conversation clearly especially in a noisy environment. I know I live in a quieter world due to my hearing problems and I need a pair of hearing aids to improve my quality of life..

A few years ago, I finally bought a pair of hearing aids from the hospital. That was the start of my frustrating experience with that esteemed hospital.

After the purchase, I was very disappointed with their after-sales services and consultation. First of all, the staff that sold the hearing aids to me is no longer available. There is no continuity and follow up on my hearing needs. The hospital also insists I see an ENT doctor to have my ears checked when I go back for consultation. All I wanted from the hospital is to have them tune my hearing aids to match my latest hearing condition so that I can hear clearer. I need not see the doctor and pay additional consultation fees. The hospital refused my request.

Eventually, I gave up visiting the hospital for any follow up sessions.

I read Clariti – Hearing Care Professionals’ newspaper advertisements and decided to attend their FREE Hearing Awareness talk.

The talk gave me so much insight on how poor hearing can affect the quality of life of senior citizens. I can also relate to the examples shared by the presenter about bad customer experiences when buying hearing aids at the wrong places. It is important that we buy hearing aids from committed, experienced and knowledgeable dispensers. Hearing aids can be an expensive investment and we need to make sure the company provides good after-sales service.

I read so many testimonies of happy Clariti customers. I regret not buying from Clariti.

Fortunately, Ronald, their Lead Hearing Consultant, checked my ears after the talk and assisted to program my hearing aids for me. I can hear so much better after he has spent some time to fine tune the settings on the aids. The settings done by the hospital was too soft for me.

I am so glad I attended this talk. I consider myself a Clariti customer. Thank you Clariti!”

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