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Hearing isn’t always easy. Traditionally, hearing aids have processed all sounds under one set of rules. The problem with only having one processor is that all signals are competing against each other. If you prioritize one part, another is neglected. 

Our revolutionary Augmented Xperience platform

Signia’s newest Augmented Xperience changes the way your client hears the world. Instead of them having to strain to discern speech from background noise, our new platform uses proprietary Augmented Focus™ technology to process the two separately and create a clear contrast. It then recombines them to deliver outstanding speech clarity in a fully immersive soundscape.

Focus Sounds

Focus sounds carry relevant information where every small detail is important, for example the speech of a conversation partner. These sounds are processed in a highly linear, uncompressed way with emphasis on clarity and details. This pulls speech closer to the listener, so it sounds as clear as possible.


Surroundings contain all sounds outside the main focus placing the wearer in the correct acoustic atmosphere. This is important to create both awareness and excitement, for example enjoying piano music and laughter in a cafe.

To create a greater contrast, Augmented Focus pulls focus sounds closer and places surroundings a bit further away. This augments reality in the wearer’s favor.

Be Brilliant with Signia Pure Charge&Go AX


Streamline TV

The Streamline TV is programmed for superb sound. Thanks to Signia’s latest innovation, audio from your television can be fed directly into your hearing aids.

Streamline Mic

Enjoy full hands-free audio streaming of phone calls and music with any Bluetooth smartphone thanks to Signia’s Streamline Mic. Hands-free phone calls, music and more in premium stereo quality.

Signia App

Easy to use, Signia App gives you everything you need to enjoy your hearing aids to the full and all tailored to your personal preferences. Enjoy audio streaming, discrete remote control, and remote immediate support.

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