My daughter calls me mommy for the first time!

Winnie Lee (mother of Verrel)

A very happy Clariti customer Fitted on:

My daughter Verrel is 2 years old.  She is a very adorable and happy child. She enjoys playing with her elder sister but we noticed something was not quite right when she was not progressing with her learning to speak. We went to the hospital to seek advice. 

The hospital tested Verrel’s hearing and confirmed she has severe hearing losses on both ears. She needs hearing aids.

As her parents, we decided to give her the best help available within our means. Unfortunately, due to the long waiting time at the hospital, Verrel has to wait till next year (6 months) to have the aids fitted. 

We decided to visit Clariti and we are glad to receive very prompt and professional services. A pair of hearing aids was fitted and immediate behavioural changes were noticed on Verrel. On that very day, she called me “Mommy” for the first time. It was my best birthday present. Even her childcare teachers gave positive feedback on her learning progress.

Verrel loves hear hearing aids. In fact, she would bring her aids to me every morning to ask me to help her put them on. She responds to sounds positively and has started learning to speak.

Thank you Clariti!! 

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