Hearing aids are so intelligent!! Impressive!!

Tan Jit Khoon (CEO, Winson Press Pte Ltd)

A very happy Clariti customer Fitted on:

“My dad has been wearing hearing aids for many years but not consistently. He does not feel comfortable and find them noisy even after the recent upgraded ones 2 years ago. The aids gave him some help but when in a noisy environment, he still could not hear speech clearly. I saw his frustrations.

I finally took him personally to Clariti – Hearing Care Professionals. Ronald Pang, the lead consultant, explained very clearly to me the facts and issues related to my dad’s hearing loss. He also analyzed to me the reasons why my dad was not getting the benefits from his existing aids.

My dad has nerve deafness and it was more severe in the higher frequencies. That affected his ability to hear the softer sounds, like the consonants in the English language. My dad needed a pair of aids that could give him strategic help across the spectrum of frequencies, not something that just makes everything louder.

Clariti prescribed my dad a multi-channel hearing aid with the technology that can tell whether speech sounds are coming from the front, from behind or even from the side. It can even block sound coming from those other directions and focus specifically on the direction of the speech. In this way, hearing aid wearers are given the best possible opportunity to hear what they would like, without the annoyance of other sounds.

As for comfort, Ronald professionally chose the model that was easy for my dad to handle. They were so light and comfortable my dad did not feel it in his ears. He wears his hearing aids daily now.

Before this visit to Clariti, I did not know that hearing aids are so intelligent. It was such a learning visit for me. I am so glad I took my dad to Clariti – Hearing Care Professionals.”

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