Best hearing aid! Improved my life!

Ronald Hunter

A very happy Clariti customer Fitted on:

I live in Australia and I have lost count how many hearing aids I have worn in my life. When I was in Singapore and found Clariti – Hearing Care Professionals, I believe I have also found the best hearing aid I have ever worn.

I have a hearing loss for more than 10 years. I have been very frustrated with not being able to engage in productive conversation. It has lowered my self-esteem, caused me to avoid social interactions and definitely affected relationships. I thank God I have a very patient wife who understood my needs. She was the one who searched and brought me to Clariti.

Today, I wear a pair of intelligent aids that could connect to my iPhone directly and allows me to stream music and audio calls clearly to my ears. I can adjust the volume and choose the different settings to adapt to the environment I am in. I love my hearing aids.

Thank you Clariti. You have surely improved my quality of life. I will remember Singapore for many things but surely one of them is the quality customer service and professionalism at Clariti – Hearing Care Professionals.

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