I trust Ronald Pang @ Clariti

Hui Ghean Phang

A very happy Clariti customer Fitted on:

I wish to share with you my own experience at Ronald Pang @ Clariti to help you make the right choice.  

Dispensing hearing devices requires dedication, honesty and skilful applications of both Science and Art to achieve the best fit to suit different lifestyles, habits, budgets and preferences of different people.  

Tuning our hearing devices itself is an art as no two persons are the same and even more complex, no two ears of the same person are the same. This, I found in Ronald the skills and experience beyond my expectations. The numerous testimonials and accolades you see in his website speak volumes for themselves. 

With so many brands and models in the market offering myriads of consumers’ features and technical features, we are often lost and uncertain of what is best.  I noted that the selections of brands and models at Clariti offer latest states of the art in technology and reliability. 

We also want to be mindful of not spending monies unnecessarily on features that we later realized that we do not use.  More importantly, we must be cautious of situations whereby we ended up not using the hearing devices after spending lots of monies. 

This, I gave my full TRUST to Ronald and found in him the required honesty and dedication.  So far, I am glad that my monies are well spent. I enjoy the seamless connectivity of my hearing aids with my iPhone which conveniently doubles up as a very high-tech Bluetooth headset that hardly anybody noticed that I am wearing hearing device. 

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