I chose the right Professional Hearing Care Centre!

Henry Lee (Retired)

A very happy Clariti customer Fitted on:

 “I suspect I have a hearing loss for some time already but I did nothing about it.

My wife finds it difficult to speak to me; I could not understand every word from the television; I have difficulty communicating with the other passengers in my car. The problem is made worse when there are background noises. I was frustrated and I know I needed to do something. I want to improve my quality of life.

I signed up and attended the hearing awareness talk given free by Clariti – Hearing Care Professionals. It was a very informative talk. I could relate to all the real life stories shared at the talk. Ronald, their lead consultant, performed a hearing test on me and confirmed that I had moderate to severe hearing losses.

When I put on the hearing aid on my ears for the first time, I was convinced I had missed out too much for too many years. I didn’t even know we could hear our footsteps when we walk.

Clariti prescribed me a pair of hearing aids that was the most suitable for my hearing loss levels after also taking into considerations my lifestyle, cosmetic preference, shape of my ears and budget. The prescription was professional. It is no wonder I enjoy wearing my aids so much. They are the right hearing aids just for my needs.

I am glad I bought my aids from Clariti for the professional attention and care they give me. I now understand that choosing the right professional hearing care centre is most important criteria to consider when buying a hearing aid. Don’t buy hearing aids. Buy hearing care!

Thank you Clariti!”

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