My family is very happy for my mother. Her quality of life has improved!

Ms Mariati Daughter of Zawiah Bte Hadji Yusof

A very happy Clariti customer Fitted on:

“My mother has a hearing problem for a few years. She has been staying with me and I saw how hearing loss has affected her quality of life.

The television volume in her room was always set to very loud; she could not use the telephone audibly; she loves family gatherings but she could not follow our conversations smoothly

Our siblings discussed and decided to bring her to Clariti to have a hearing test.

Clariti has displayed great professionalism and positive customer service in all our visits. After the hearing test was conducted, the audiogram results were explained very clearly to us. A pair of hearing aids was then prescribed to meet my mother’s hearing needs with considerations given to our cosmetic preference, lifestyle and budget.

My mother is so happy with her new hearing aids. She made phone calls to all her children one by one on the first day after she wore the aids. This is something she could not do for so long. When I walk past her room, I realise the television is not loud anymore. Her quality of life has surely improved!

I feel it is important to share our positive experience so that more people can come forward to do something about their hearing. They should seek immediate help to stop living a low quality of life.

My mother is another happy Clariti customer and the entire family is happy for her. Thank you Clariti!”

Ms Mariati
Daughter of a very happy Clariti customer
Patient : Zawiah Bte Hadji Yusof
Fitted on 18 Jan 2013

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