I enjoy a new life of clear sounds

Pakirisamay Nadarajan

A very happy Clariti customer Fitted on:

I have a hearing loss for some time already. At home, my family complained repeatedly about my poor hearing. I needed to turn up the TV volume louder all the time. I met people regularly for work and social reasons but I could not enjoy a proper conversation all the time. I needed help.

Clariti has given me a pair of hearing aids that has changed my life. I now enjoy a new life of clear sounds. They are like music. I enjoy conversations with greater confidence today.  Clariti also displayed great professionalism by prescribing me an appropriate aid that is within my budget. There was no hard selling or up-selling.

Thank you Clariti! I want to share my story so that many more people will come to you to improve their quality of life.

Testimonial Lists

  • 非常满意!
  • Hearing Aids improved our quality of life. We enjoy family time so much more.
  • I do not speak loudly anymore
  • Satisfied customer since 1999!
  • I can hear the TV clearly now!
Mohan S/O Kannean

A very happy Clariti customer Fitted on:

I have a hearing loss since young. I have endured it all my life until I could not take it anymore recently. My family life is affected because it is difficult for my family to talk to me. At work, I lost confidence due to poor communications.

I went to the hospitals for check-ups but they kept saying I was ok. There was no advice for me to wear hearing aids.

I visited Clariti and it changed my life. I can now hear so clearly everywhere I go. My life is renewed. I got back my confidence at work. My family life has also improved.

The aids are also very affordable and within my budget. I should have bought a hearing aid long ago. I regret missing so much precious time.

 Thank you Clariti!”