I truly enjoy the new sounds in my life

Mark Wee Sip Tiong (86 years old)

A very happy Clariti customer Fitted on:

I have a hearing loss for a long time but I did nothing about it.

My hearing deteriorated over the years and it has now affected my daily routine. I could not hear the television clearly. I could not use the telephone effectively. And when I am in a noisy environment, I have so much difficulty participating in a normal conversation. I am 86. This is not how I want to continue living my life. I want to hear well to live well.

I signed up and attended the hearing awareness talk given free by Clariti – Hearing Care Professionals. The talk gave me so much valuable information about my hearing. I learnt about how we hear and what could go wrong with our hearing. I learnt about the side effects of having a hearing loss. We shared about the emotional stress brought by hearing losses and its negative impacts on our loved ones. A free hearing test was conducted and I learnt that I had sensorineural hearing loss on both ears that is due to ageing.
I learnt so much from the talk and it has cleared up a lot of myths and misunderstandings I had about hearing losses and hearing aids.

Clariti prescribed me a pair of hearing aids that matches my hearing losses, lifestyle, expectations and budget. They took care of my needs patiently. The aids were programed automatic when my fingers were not nimble to handle the volume control. The aids were made to fit my ears comfortably and conveniently when I did not want it to be too obvious. When I return subsequently to fine tune the hearing aid settings, I was impressed with the friendly, patient and professional attention given to me.

I truly enjoy the new sounds in my life. It has added colour, music and life back to my otherwise quiet world.
Thank you Clariti!”

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