I can hear music now!

Lok Ah King

A very happy Clariti customer Fitted on:

I have a hearing loss for many years. They have affected my quality of life and I decided to wear hearing aids. Unfortunately the aids did not help me very much. I was frustrated and I went to Clariti after reading the testimonies of so many customersAt Clariti, my hearing was professionally tested and the results were clearly explained to me. I have a hearing loss due to age and this will challenge my ability to hear clearly, especially in a noisy environment. I also learnt that my hearing loss increased my risk of getting dementia.

I love my new hearing aids. They are so comfortable to wear. I can also control them using my mobile phone and I can hear music directly from it. I do not need any ear piece anymore.

My quality of life has improved. I am convinced the many Clariti testimonies I read were all true. I am happy to share my experience with the public too. I want more people to hear well and live well. Thank you Clariti!”

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