I hear my wife clearly now!

William Lee Hee Chye

A very happy Clariti customer fitted on:

I have worn hearing aids for many years. I also had a cochlea operation on my right ear. Unfortunately I was still not able to hear clearly. I struggled having a basic conversation with my wife. I could not hear clearly in a classroom environment to attend classes. I know I needed help.

I visited Clariti and I was prescribed the latest Resound One 9 hearing aid. Ronald took time to understand my issues and program the aids to match my lifestyle needs. I was impressed with it the moment I put it on for the first time.

I have been using the aids for almost one year now. I find this aid very much quieter than my previous one. Resound One is very comfortable to wear. The aid has 3 microphones and it automatically selects the most suitable microphone to meet the existing environmental challenges to allow me to hear clearly. This aid is also Bluetooth connected to my mobile phone allowing me to stream media and voice calls conveniently. Due to my very severe hearing conditions, I also have a multi-mic connected to my aids. Today, conversation with my wife is so much clearer now.

I must also add that it is very important where we buy our hearing aids from. At Clariti, I enjoy unlimited sessions to fine tune my aids whenever I needed to. I am impressed with the team of professionals here exhibiting great care and patience taking care of their customers. No wonder they have so many happy customers. I am now another one of them.

Thank you Clariti!”

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