The best hearing aid I ever had!

Oh Kheng Cheow (Homemaker)

A very happy Clariti customer Fitted on:

 “I have a hearing problem for more than 10 years. Communications between my husband and I was inconvenient. I could not enjoy the television program without reading the subtitles. I tried to avoid noisy places because the background noise would always drown out the voices and thus affect my conversation.

I thank God my husband was very patient with me. Through these years, I have witnessed how he took care of my hearing needs. He would always check out the latest developments and hearing aid technologies in the market. He would then bring me to experience how these advancements would benefit me.

I bought my first pair of hearing aids from Ronald in 1998.

Ronald performed a comprehensive hearing test, explained my hearing situation to me and helped me understand how I could improve my overallquality of life by improving my hearing. I can testify that this is indeed true.

Over the years, I had bought several more pairs of hearing aids from other places. Unfortunately, my husband and I both felt that not every dispenser displayed the same professionalism, knowledge and expertise as Ronald.

Last month, when my husband saw that Clariti is now open, we immediately visited Ronald. He prescribed me the latest pair of aids that matches my current hearing conditions and lifestyle. I am wearing them now and enjoying it.”

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