Watching the TV is a real entertainment now!

Chong Kee Yin (Retiree)

A very happy Clariti customer Fitted on:

“I have a hearing problem for more than 10 years. I am an experienced hearing aid user and I have tried different models of hearing aids from different hearing consultants. Recently, I lost my left hearing aid and was looking to buy a new one. That’s when I saw Clariti’s advertisement in the newspapers and made an appointment with them.

Ronald, the lead hearing consultant, attended to me with great professionalism during my visit. He took time to find out my case history and understood my areas of difficulties. He conducted a comprehensive hearing test and explained to me the results of the hearing test. I finally understood why I was not hearing properly even though I had a pair of good hearing aids. They must be tuned to match my hearing needs.

A new pair of Siemens hearing aids was programmed for me. It is such an experience listening to clear and comfortable sound once again, without the disturbance of background noises. I used to think I needed volume. I was wrong. I needed clarity!

Ronald did not prescribe the most expensive aids to me. He prescribed what I needed. It was chosen after considering my hearing loss, my areas of hearing difficulties, my lifestyle and my budget. I am a retiree and I enjoyed watching the television at home.

This is a pair of intelligent aids that could be connected to my handphone and television set via bluetooth. Ronald even volunteered to visit me at home to assist me in the bluetooth connections. What an excellent customer service! I am absolutely impressed! Watching the TV is a real entertainment now!

Hearing aids are sold in so many places. It is important we buy our aids from the right hearing care consultants. Not all consultants know how to maximize the benefits of the hearing aids for our hearing comfort. Only the experienced ones with the right passion, attitude and professionalism on the job can do that properly.

I am glad I chose Clariti – Hearing Care Professionals.”

Testimonial Lists

  • I enjoy a new life of clear sounds
  • I hear clearly when I chair meetings now
  • My quality of life has improved!
  • The best hearing aid I ever had!
  • I used to avoid gatherings. I initiate gatherings now. Clariti has given me a new life!
Mohan S/O Kannean

A very happy Clariti customer Fitted on:

I have a hearing loss since young. I have endured it all my life until I could not take it anymore recently. My family life is affected because it is difficult for my family to talk to me. At work, I lost confidence due to poor communications.

I went to the hospitals for check-ups but they kept saying I was ok. There was no advice for me to wear hearing aids.

I visited Clariti and it changed my life. I can now hear so clearly everywhere I go. My life is renewed. I got back my confidence at work. My family life has also improved.

The aids are also very affordable and within my budget. I should have bought a hearing aid long ago. I regret missing so much precious time.

 Thank you Clariti!”