Hearing aids can help to reduce dementia risks

Hearing aids and dementia

Most people are forgetful from time to time but memory loss can be a warning sign of something more serious. Dementia is a general term for a decline in mental ability severe enough to interfere with daily life. Currently one in 10 people over the age of 60 in Singapore suffer from dementia and, research has shown that, if you have hearing loss you have a greater chance of developing dementia. The best way to restore your hearing and your quality of life is to start wearing a suitable hearing aid.

Remember your hearing

There’s good scientific evidence that a healthy lifestyle can help reduce your risk of developing dementia when you’re older. Memory lapses may turn out to be nothing to worry about. Coming out of a shop and not being able to remember where you left the car is perfectly normal. Forgetting what you came into a room for is probably just a sign you’re busy and preoccupied with other things. But what if you forget where you left your car keys, and eventually find them inside the fridge? The real warning sign is a change that seems out of character. There are several good ways to exercise your memory, like reading a good book, but if the cause of your decline in memory is hearing loss then this could be a good motivation to get your hearing checked by a professional hearing consultant, like Clariti.

Health and hearing

A recent study in Science Daily found that older adults who get a hearing aid for a newly diagnosed hearing loss have a lower risk of being diagnosed with dementia, depression or anxiety for the first time over the subsequent three years. They also have a lower risk of suffering fall-related injuries than those who leave their hearing loss uncorrected. If you, or your loved ones, are suffering from hearing loss then it is important that you get your hearing checked as soon as possible by a good, professional hearing consultant, like Clariti. Wearing a suitable hearing aid, or hearing aids, won’t just restore your hearing it will restore your quality of life.

Hearing with Clariti

At Clariti we focus on helping our customers to improve their quality of life through better hearing. Our team of qualified, professional hearing consultants are happy to provide a free hearing test to diagnose the level of your hearing loss, and probable causes. Then we will advise you, or your loved one, on a suitable hearing aid and help you with fitting, wearing and maintaining it. Clariti prescribes only premium hearing aid brands with the latest technologies that take care of background noise and dynamic listening environments.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us for a free hearing check. We also offer free hearing awareness talks. If you, or your loved one, are suffering from hearing loss then please visit us at
Clariti to restore your hearing and your quality of life.


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