Clariti – Hearing Care Professionals is now open!

Dispensing hearing aids since 1997, and with the passion and desire to do more for the hearing impaired community, Ronald Pang wants to continue changing lives by helping customers hear well to live well.

Clariti – Hearing Care Professionals is now open at Centrepoint Orchard. Partnering only the premium brands in the hearing aid industry, Clariti aims to bring quality hearing care services to Singapore.

Many have come forward to testify their positive experiences after being consulted by Ronald Pang in the last decade.

“I have been wearing hearing aids for more than 10 years. I have consulted many dispensers from different companies. Ronald has impressed me with his service attitude, knowledge and patience.

He is able to program my hearing aids to match my hearing losses, maximizing the benefits and features of my aids to improve my quality of life. I am so glad Clariti is now open!”

Ms Lee Seow Ping, hearing aid user.

Major hearing aid manufacturers have also pledged strong partnership to offer Clariti customers only top quality brands and models.

“Phonak Singapore is proud to partner Clariti to offer our high quality hearing instruments to Singapore. Ronald has many years of dispensing experience, winning numerous awards along the way. We are confident that the professionalism of Clariti will bring out the best in Phonak’s latest hearing instrument technologies to benefit customers’ hearing needs.”

M r U r s E l l e r ,Managing Director, Phonak Singapore

“Congratulations to Ronald Pang, a Preferred Partner for many years, in extending his outstanding professionalism to the hearing care industry, with the opening of CLARITI at Centrepoint mall.”

Ms. Devah Jackson,

Head of Product Marketing & Training (Southeast Asia Region),

Siemens Medical Instruments Pte Ltd,

Global Headquaters


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