New Resound OMNIA hearing aids!

New Resound OMNIA hearing aids!

A Resounding Success

With Christmas almost upon us family gatherings, office parties and other celebrations are even more frequent. All have one thing in common, you need good hearing to enjoy them to the fullest. So if you, or your loved ones, are suffering from hearing loss then the best thing you can do is visit a good, professional hearing care consultant, like Clariti. Our professional hearing care consultants at Clariti can check your hearing for free and suggest a suitable premium hearing aid that will restore your hearing and your quality of life.

Cut out the noise

Background noise can sometimes be deafening. We are often surrounded by loud or continuous noises that distract us from what we really need or want to listen to. Hearing aids can help you overcome unwanted noise by allowing you to hear sounds the same way you would with wireless earbuds straight from your hand phone. Omnia is the latest addition to ReSound’s range of premium hearing aids and it allows you to stream or take hands free calls that are crystal clear wherever you may be. You can also listen to gossip if you want to.

Improved technology

Technology is coming on leaps and bounds everywhere we go and hearing aids are no different. As a world leading provider of hearing aids ReSound has improved its existing Legacy Technology with its latest model Omnia that not only streams voices and music to your ears with the high-quality sound you want, the Omnia model also has even better connectivity than before.

Colourful sounds

Not only can you now automatically listen to who and what you want by wearing a premium hearing aid, you can surround yourself with the sounds that you love. Colourful sounds of nature and music are just part of what wearing a premium hearing aid like ReSound’s Omnia will do for you. A sleek design and a choice of colours are some of the additional benefits of an Omnia hearing aid with nano coating that raindrops will slide off.
Wearing a hearing aid will restore your hearing and your quality of life and a good professional hearing consultant, like Clariti, can offer you the chance to try a suitable hearing aid from a range of premium hearing aids. If the latest technology in a premium hearing aid sounds attractive then please don’t hesitate to book an appointment at Clariti and try out ReSound’s newest model, Omnia. It will give you even more to talk about this Christmas.


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