Best Hearing Aid Dispenser Award 2016

Unknown to most, choosing the right professional is more important than choosing the hearing aid model. Hearing aids are so intelligent today, we need knowledgeable and experienced professionals to program them to ensure the wearer enjoys maximum benefit from the instruments.

Phonak has awarded Ronald Pang, the Lead Hearing Consultant from Clariti, the Best Hearing Aid Dispenser Award 2016.

“From the beginning you demonstrated your dedication for professional dispensing services for all hearing impaired people. We have also received feedback from Phonak consumers about their satisfaction with your services.

You have lived up to our Phonak philosophy of providing the best hearing solution and bring ”Quality of Life” to the one in need.

It brings me great pride to see our products proudly represented and displayed with the image and professionalism we are standing for. This is entirely due to your great contribution, which I am so thankful for.”

Clifton Hong
Managing Director
Phonak Singapore Pte Ltd  


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