Sharing Clariti’s best practices

Ronald was invited as a key conference speaker to share Clariti’s best practices with more than 400 hearing professionals at this year’s Sivantos Asia Pacific Annual Conference. 

During the sharing in Seoul, Korea, Ronald emphasised the need to remain focus on improving quality of lives through better hearing instead of driving hearing aid sales. Clariti’s mission is to help customers hear well to live well. If any customers do not live well after buying any hearing aids, the dispenser has merely sold the aids as a salesman. As professionals, we must always ensure the prescribed hearing aids improve the customers’ quality of life.

Ronald also went ahead to explain the psychology of the hearing impaired and how this will affect customers’ decision to seek help. On average, the time taken for a hearing impaired to seek help is between 7-15 years. Industry players should join hands as partners to create greater awareness to bring forward this timeline. Hearing well can help lower the risk of tinnitus and dementia. More people can be helped earlier when resources are pooled together to deliver more effective hearing awareness campaigns.


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