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Hearing aids improve quality of life. (Translated)

MR Mohamad Yaakob Hassan, 76, suffers from hearing problem for many years.

“I‘m unable to hear clearly when I’m outside with family and friends.”

“I’m unable to hear the television clearly and I talk louder.”

“It’s very disappointing,” says Mr  Mohamad Yaacob. 

After almost 15 years suffering from hearing problem, he decided to buy hearing aids from Clariti Hearing Care Professionals. 

His wireless hearing aid can reduce background noise and make conversation much clearer.

“Now I can hear much clearer and I have improved my quality of life,” says Mr Mohamad Yaakob.

His daughter, Miss Rashidah, says before using the hearing aid, his father used to speak loudly and was shouting.

“Before this, my dad was actually ‘lonely’ and was thinking less actively because he was receiving little information due to his limited hearing,” says Miss Rashidah. 

According to the Managing Director of Clariti – Hearing Care Professionals, Mr Ronald Pang, his company’s mission is not only to sell hearing aids, but improving the quality of life for his customers.

His company has hundreds of high quality, intelligent and comfortable hearing aids that support the daily lifestyle hearing needs of her customers. 

“Research has concluded that hearing problems that are not treated or delayed in treatment can affect the lives of a hearing imparied negatively. Some examples include a reduced social life and strained relatioships with loved ones,” says Mr Pang.

Many are aware that their hearing starts to deteriorate as they age, though hearing loss can also affect the young.

He added, severe hearing loss can increase the risk of dementia 5 times.

HEAR EVERYTHING MUCH CLEARER: Mr Mohamad Yaakob Hassan has acquired a hearing aid from Clariti – Hearing Care Professionals after 15 years of suffering from hearing problem. 


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