Hearing aids and sports

Hearing aids and sports

Hearing aids and sports

Regular exercise in moderation is good for everyone, no matter what your age. Playing sports can be fun, or competitive, for keeping fit or for managing stress but, if you, or your loved ones, are losing your hearing then you may find it more difficult, or less enjoyable, to play sports. The best way for a sportsman, or sportswoman, who is suffering from hearing loss to keep playing, and watching, the sports you love well is to wear a hearing aid.

Health and sports

Whether you’re a competitive athlete, an enthusiastic amateur or just a keen spectator, sports fill our lives with health, happiness and entertainment. Whatever your favourite sports are, keeping active is part of staying healthy and exercise is good for our bodies, and our ears. When you exercise, your body is protected against age-related inflammation, and cardiovascular health is improved, which keeps blood circulating throughout your body and your ears. Exercising every day improves your hearing health, and protects you against age-related hearing loss.

Equalise your playing field

If you are suffering from hearing loss then you may find it more difficult to have conversations on the golf course, or chat with your doubles partner on and off court. Wearing a hearing aid will resolve these issues. If you are playing rough sports, like basketball or rugby, then you can still wear a hearing aid and play for your team. Most importantly you’ll be able to hear the umpire or the referee and communicate with your teammates to equalise your playing field. The latest, premium models of hearing aids are robust enough to take on the challenge of an active lifestyle as long as you take good care of them. A good, professional hearing consultant, like Clariti, can give you advice on how to do this to protect your hearing aids against sweat and moisture.

Match of the day

If you, or your loved ones, are looking for a suitable hearing aid to restore your hearing to be able to enjoy sports again then the best thing you can do is visit a good, professional hearing consultant, like Clariti. Our friendly, professional hearing consultants will give you, or your loved ones, a free hearing check to assess your hearing loss. We can then suggest a suitable hearing aid from one of our quality brands that will match your lifestyle needs, including your ability to play and enjoy watching sports. You can connect them up with bluetooth and some models include health data tracking apps too. If you are a water baby and love swimming then Clariti can offer you a new waterproof hearing aid, Audeo Life, by world leading hearing care provider Phonak.
Sports are a big part of most peoples’ lives so if you, or your loved ones, are suffering from hearing loss then it’s important to get your hearing checked as soon as possible so you can start wearing hearing aids and restore your hearing and quality of life. Visit us at Clariti and get back in the game.


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