Hearing aids improve relationships

Hearing aids improve relationships

The best way to measure your quality of life is by how good your relationships are. Scientific studies at leading academic institutions around the world have time and again found that people get the most joy, and happiness, in life through their relationships with others. So if you, or your loved ones, are losing your hearing you may find that your personal and professional relationships are negatively affected by poor communication and stress. The best way to restore your hearing, improve your relationships and your quality of life is to start wearing hearing aids.

Listen with passion and empathy

Love and emotion, caring and sharing gives many people personal satisfaction. Then there is passion and compassion. Passion for a cause or an activity, an organisation or a leader that you respect or idealise and compassion for people whose circumstances are not as good as your own. Your relationships with your loved ones, your colleagues, and others should involve listening to empathise with them and this requires good hearing. If you are not able to listen clearly to others then you won’t be able to communicate effectively, or empathise, with them. You may find your passion or ability to care and share diminishing. The best thing to do is to get your hearing checked by a good, professional hearing care consultant, like Clariti.

Your social identity

We sometimes undergo 360 experience exercises at work. It's intended to help us see and know ourselves better by showing us how others see us. Then there are more personal identity experiences that often happen by accident or due to new legal requirements. All of these can build our own social identities. It’s the same for wearing hearing aids. When most people start losing their hearing and begin to wear hearing aids they often preconceive a negative change in their image and social identity. Recent studies show that this is no longer the case with the majority of people feeling that their image can be improved by wearing a hearing aid. With so many shapes, sizes and colours of hearing aids currently available, wearing a hearing aid may often resemble wearing an ear bud and you will blend in with other tech savvy people.
If you, or your loved ones, are losing your hearing then the best way to restore your hearing and improve your relationships is to visit a good, professional hearing care consultant, like Clariti. We will check your hearing for free, diagnose your hearing loss and suggest a suitable hearing aid from our range of premium brands. Then you can get back to enjoying life to the fullest with good personal, and professional, relationships.


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