hearing aids and a smartphone

Bluetooth and hearing aids

Hearing aids and bluetooth technology

Wireless technology is a central part of our everyday lives but many of us take it for granted. Just adjust your settings and you’ve got exactly what you are looking for, connecting to the media you need and want, effortlessly. Many of us don’t value this until there is a wifi disconnect, it’s the same with our hearing. We all need good hearing to function well in our everyday lives so if you, or your loved ones, are losing your hearing then wearing a suitable hearing aid will restore your hearing and your quality of life.

Smart hearing

Being constantly, reliably connected is essential to do our jobs and communicate properly. If you, or your loved ones, are suffering from hearing loss then the best way to get reconnected, fast, is to visit a good, professional hearing consultant, like Clariti. Our team of professional hearing care consultants at Clariti will check your hearing, for free, then suggest a suitable hearing aid from our range of premium brands. The latest models of hearing aids come with bluetooth for easy connectivity.

Bluetooth hearing aids

In 1994, Jaap Haartsen was working on getting two nearby devices to talk to each other without a cord. Eventually Jaap, and his colleagues, came up with a plan to send a low-power electrical signal through the air using what they initially called short link radio. A few years later this became the tech brand we know, and love, called Bluetooth. This is now a public standard that has allowed billions of devices to connect through a single language including headphones, laptops, cars, and hearing aids. The first bluetooth hearing aid, the Starkey Eli, was launched in 2005. It was cumbersome but, with research and development, this has all changed. Now you can choose from a selection of small, sleek and even colourful hearing aids that come equipped with bluetooth.

Sounds convenient

Now with bluetooth hearing aids you, and your loved ones, can not only restore your hearing and quality of life but you can also use bluetooth technology for more convenience. Hearing aids with bluetooth mean that you will be able to listen to podcasts and music directly through your hearing aids, connect to a hearing aid app that can control settings and volume, and receive phone calls, and stream music, without holding your hand phone to your ear. Some hearing aids are using Bluetooth to experiment with fitness tracking, fall detection, and language translation too. Hearing aids with bluetooth now come in all sizes and are comfortable to wear. Just ask one of our professional hearing care consultants at Clariti for guidance on the latest models.
If you, or your loved ones, are suffering from hearing loss then you can restore your hearing and quality of life by wearing a suitable hearing aid with bluetooth. It will help you stay constantly, reliably connected, with good hearing, wherever you are.


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