My life is completely changed!

Miko Teng Gee Huang

A very happy Clariti customer fitted on:

“I have a hearing loss since young. I struggled through my education years but I refused to wear any hearing aids. I read subtitles when I watched the TV program. I need to turn up my telephone volume to engage in a conversation. When I started to work, I realised I don’t have confidence during meetings and it affected my productivity. I have no choice but to start looking for a professional to get a pair of hearing aids. My boss recommended me to go to Clariti.

Clariti did a hearing test and explained the results to me. I didn’t know it was so severe. I was prescribed a pair hearing aids that matched my lifestyle needs as a young working adult with limited budget. I wore it for one month and I love my hearing aids. I can enjoy watching the TV program a lot more; My family and friends love talking to me now; I am more confident at work. My life is completely changed!

Thank you Clariti. I want to encourage more people to come forward to improve their hearing. There is no need to be shy. The improvement in quality of life is excellent!

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